Hexing Toyz for Babyz

What will I need?
- Tinker
- LNZpro
- Hex Workshop
- Paint program

Firstly let's open an already existing toy in LNZpro. It's best to use the "Stuffed Man" or an already hexed toy - all toyz available on Milkshake can be rehexed.

Click on RCData and you will see the following:

Change the Breed ID (as a number) to a new number, press File and Save As and call it whatever you want and go into the game to see if two men are in the playroom cupboard. If there isn't, change the number by one number i.e. 34567 will become 34568 or 34569 etc. until the little man shows up.

You can also change the Display name at tis point also.

Now we need to change all the Sprites so that your toyz don't conflict with one another.

Still on the RCData page, click on the bit next to Sprite name where it says "Sprite_Chew_W1" and change it to reflect the toy you are making. In our example we're making a pull along snail so I am going to change my Sprite to "Sprite_Chew_M1" but you can change yours to whatever.

All sprites need to be changed to reflect this. so click on the little + next to FLH.

Click on "CHEW_W1" and click rename:

Do the same to "CHEW_W1_AWAY" this will become "Chew_M1_AWAY".

Click on the + next to "FLM" and continue the process.

Click on the + next to "TXT" and change those two also. This is what we should be looking like so far:

Press the + next to "String List" then press on "63" you will see:

As above the "Chew_W1" next to 1002 will become "Chew_M1" or whatever your sprite is.

Now there are more sprites hidden inside the toy file that only Hex Workshop can find, but don't worry, it's really easy.

Press save in LNZpro and open Hex Workshop and find your toy file.

Go to Edit then "Replace..." or you can just press ctrl and H.

Obviously you want to replace with whatever your sprite is from before.

Press OK, and the following box will appear. Press "Replace All" it will then notify you how many occurences have been replaced.

Now we need to make the "Stuffed Man" look like our little Snail!

Open your image in your paint program and resize it so that's it's not going to look silly alongside your little babyz - I would say around 150 pixels in height. Save this as a png called "image1" or whatever. Then resize it even smaller so the height is around 70 pixels, this is the image for the cupboard.

Open Tinker and open your toy file it will bring up the following window:

Click on "CHEW_M1" to start with and press Edit.

Once open go to "Toy" along the top then "Palette >" and make sure Babyz is ticked.

Click on the + next to "GrabbedA" and select the "Frame" bit and down the bottom you can see "Edit" "Import" or "Export".

Click Import and find the picture you made...or the one we called "image1.png"

Repeat this process all the way down on "DroppedA", "RestingA" and "UsedA".

Press the little floppy disk icon to save and exit Tinker.

Re-open and this time select "CHEW_M1_AWAY". Click the + next to "AwayA" and press on the Frame area and "import" your smaller image.

Press the little floppy disk icon to save and exit Tinker.

Open Babyz to see if everything has worked!