Teddy Buns 1

I am hoping you have prepared yourself for this tutorial by reading the first page, if not go back and read it!

Goto your rez file and pick a rez code for a 3 ponied little girl:

agx.lnz Asian Girl, one and three ponies
bgx.lnz Black Girl, one and three ponies
brgx.lnz Tan Girl, one and three ponies
wgx.lnz White Girl, one and three ponies

Scroll down to where it says D;Hair- 3 ponytails ;0n head by using the below picture make your rez file look identical to mine.

Let's have a look at what you have done by picking a code from Small & Pampered (make sure it is a baby that matches to the type you are hexing), save the Hex Workshop, say no that you do not want to make a Back Up and then open babyz and enter the code. If it doesn't work first time, try a different code.

I am sorry if this one has confused you more than anything, but it is really hard to explain.