How to run Babyz on Mac
By Becky at Milk

Welcome to Becky's babyz-on-mac tutorial, in 10 easy steps (and you only have to actually DO 9 of them!). This looks super hard and intimidating and long,
but it really isn't (for those of you who've hexed, it's WAY easier!) I just included lots of explanation and pictures in case you get confused! If you have problems,
there's a Q&A at the bottom or you can always PM Becky at Milk; if she doesn't get back to you quickly, try rainbowsoliloquy (at) gmail dot com - that's her email.

Step 1: Download and install wineskin from here. It will automatically unzip itself in your downloads folder on most macs, or double-click to unzip, and then just drag and drop the wineskin winery app into your applications folder.

Step 2: Open the wineskin winery app double clicking. You will get a window that looks like this, but there will be nothing under the "Installed Engines" column.


Step 3: See the little + sign next to New Engines available? push it. You will get another window that looks like this:


Step 4: Into the 'Filter Available Engines List' text box, type this: WS9Wine1.7.8. In the drop down menu below that box it will then change from whatever it said before (in the picture above it says WS9Wine1.7.15) to saying WS9Wine1.7.8. At this point, press the button highlighted in blue above that says Download and Install.

Step 4: At this point, it should give you a popup box that says what you just typed in (picture below this). Click OK.


Once it is done downloading and installing, it will take you back to the first screen, the one that looks like this:


This time, click the second button, the one that says "Create New Blank Wrapper". 

Step 5: It will bring up a window that says Create a wrapper using Engine: WS91.7.8 (I messed up when I took the photo so it says 1.7.12 instead of 1.7.8). It will ask you a to name your wrapper - call it Babyz and then hit okay!  It will think and build the wrapper for a while, this is normal, just be patient.  It calls it a wrapper because it "wraps" the windows application babyz in an app format that your mac can run.


Step 6: When your computer is finished thinking, it will bring up a popup window that looks like this, with replaced with (I already have a for my game so I couldn't make another one for the tutorial).screenshot5.png

Click the 'View wrapper in Finder'. This will take you to /Users/YourMacUsernameHere/Applications/Wineskin. Inside this folder will be your (I have a bunch of other stuff in here too but you won't!). Select and command-click on it so a context menu comes up, and select Show Package Contents.screenshot6.png

This will take you to INSIDE the (apps on mac are actually a kind of folder with sub folders inside it, so show package contents pretty much just shows you the inside of the folder!). We're ALMOST done I promise! 

 Step 7: This will take you to inside Any time in the rest of the tutorial that I talk about the main folder, I mean this one. There will be a folder called Contents (don't go in here), an app called Wineskin that you use to set up babyz, and a drive_c folder. screenshot7.png

Now here is the question: are you installing babyz from the installation exe (CD or whatever, installing from the beginning) or are you using a pre made version of babyz (like if you have it in a backup, already all installed, with babyz.exe, resources folder, etc). If you are installing from an exe, go on to the next step (step 8), and if you are using an already set up version of baby, go on to step 9.

Step 8: (installing baby from the installation exe). Double click the Wineskin app in the bundle (the one we just hit view contents on), the one that shows up below:1__#$!@%!#__screenshot7.png

This will cause a window like this to come up:


Click Install Windows Software which will make an window come up that looks like the image below:


Click the Choose Setup Executable button. That will make a dialog box come up where you can select the location of the install exe. Your computer will think for a little bit and then start the installation process. Babyz should install like normal, and afterwards you will get a popup dialog that looks like this:screenshot9.png

Make sure that Babyz.exe is selected. Then you're DONE - you have babyz installed.

Step 9:

(using a preinstalled babyz game - Easy-Automove Version)

This will work 99.99% of the time, but if it doesn't, try Manual-Drag-n-Drop Step 9, which is at the very bottom of the tutorial (since nobody should ever need it).

Easy Auto-Move

Inside the main there's drive_c, contents, and Start so you get a window like this:


Click Install Windows Software. A window like this will come up:


Click the copy a folder inside button, and then when the dialog comes up, select your game's main babyz directory (with babyz.exe, adopted babyz, etc),
wherever it may be. It will copy it, and at the end, you should get a popup like this:


Make sure is selected. You're all set! See I told you this wasn't too bad!

Step 10 (let's play BABYZ!) To run babyz go to your applications folder, and then into wineskin. Double click on, and the game should start. When you quit, you should exit via the game menu and not using apple-q; if you do it using apple-q your kids won't age or remember anything. Your game files are inside the game wrapper - to install hexed clothes for example, you would go to the  Wineskin folder, right click and do show contents, and then go into the drive_c/Program Files folder. There will be your games main directory, with Adopted Babyz, Resource/Clothes, etc.

We're super close to done, but not quite. Everyone needs to install petza. Most people will also want via voice to talk to their babyz.

To install these, you're going to go to the contents of (the main folder with drive_c and, as usual. Click on the drive_c folder and drag it over into the sidebar of your finder. This does 2 things: it makes it easy to get ti your babyz files quickly and it makes it possible to select via voice's setup.exe if you need to use carolyn's viavoice fix. There's a picture below to make it more clear what I mean by dragging the folder into the sidebar:


Now you're going to go back into the main folder of Start up inside, so that it looks like this:


Hit the install software button, and you're going to get a window that looks like this:


If you are installing viavoice from the exe that comes with the game or petza from an exe, hit the choose setup executable button and select the exe that you're installing. It should install just like it would on windows. When wineskin asks you at the end what the main exe file is make sure it's set to babyz.exe, just like you did when you installed the main game. Then voila, Petza/viavoice is installed. YAY you're all set up to play Babyz :)!


Q:I installed viavoice/petza, and now when I double click, babyz doesn't start!!

A. Go into the main folder. Start wineskin just like when you installed babyz, and hit the advanced button. Under the configuration tab there's a setting for the exe file - click the choose button and navigate to the game's main folder in program files and select babyz.exe. Then exit wineskin and try again, and babyz should now work!

Q: I need to use carolyn's zip file to install via voice. How do I do this?

A: Create a folder called vvccr in the drive_c the drive_c folder of the main folder. Extract the files from carolyn's zip into there. Then, go back to the main folder, and start wineskin. Select install windows software, just like you did to install Babyz. Click the choose setup executable button. When the selection dialog pops up, click on drive_c in the sidebar, like so:


then you can go into the vvccr folder and select the setup exe for via voice. When you're done installing, it'll give you the popup asking about what the main exe is, and make sure it's set to babyz.exe.

Q: I got viavoice errors when I started babyz. Help!

You might get some via voice errors when you start up babyz, but it usually works anyway when you hit the yellow mic button. If not, try reinstalling via voice using carolyn's zip file (see above).
Also try resetting the registry (PM Becky at Milk for help with that).

Q: I'd like to hex.

A: If you'd like to hex, you need to do the process you did to install babyz again (steps 4-8/9) to install LnzPro and Tinker each into THEIR OWN WRAPPERS (very important). Finding the babyz folder in LnzPro can be a little bit tricky, but it's easy if you keep going up through the directories until you find the wineskin one and go into (not's version of drive_c which is where you'll start out). Just look at the picture below if you're confused! That's pretty much it!

If you need any other help, PM Becky at Milk.

Q: Regular Step 9 didn't work. What now?

A: Either install babyz from scratch, or try alternate step 9, below:
Alternate Step 9, if easy-automove doesn't work right or something in your wrapper gets messed up and it doesn't know where your game's exe is anymore: Manual Drag-n-Drop (don't use this unless something isn't working)

Drag and drop your game's main directory that has Adopted Babyz, Resource, etc into the drive_c/Program Files folder in the Also install carolyn's via voice fix into the main drive_c directory if you think you'll need it. Inside the Program Files folder there should be Babyz folder, just like in windows. Now, go back to the main folder and double click the Wineskin. It will bring this window up: 


Click the Advanced option. It should look like this:


 Under the Configuration tab, there's a place to select the main Windows exe that you want to run every time you start the game. 

Hit the browse button and navigate to the Babyz folder, and then select Babyz.exe, so it looks like above.

CONGRATS, you have Babyz installed!!