Hair BMPs

Sick of your baby having the usual Blonde, Lgt Brown, Dk Brown, Red and Black?

Open your Rez and go down to the Lnz you wish to use. I will be using a tan babyz.

The different shades just split up the different colours you will find in your rez.

If you visit the Game Hair BMP page you can pick from some other hair colours packaged with Babyz.

Righto so you don't have to change anything on the /art/autobuild/B_Whatever.bmp except for the B_Whatever.bmp.

If it doesnt fit, for instance is too small and leaves letters over, just press the space bar over them. If they're too big then try a different bmp area.

If you have made your own BMP and want your baby to have it, put it into the Clothes Resource folder and then change the code in your Rez that says /art/autobuild/B_Whatever.bmp to /resource/clothes/Whatever.bmp.

Click to download BC members BMP's