General Stuff Part 2: Changing the ID Number
By Brittney

Let's start off by changing the ID number for the socks.

To change the ID number, we need to reopen the file in LNZ Pro.

This time, select RCData from the left menu.

You want to change the number next to Breed ID. This might take some trial and error. Usually if I find a good number, I will use numbers around it.

So when I hex a new set of glasses, one might be 35722, the next would be 35723, etc... If your item does not show up, it could be a bad number or it could be conflicting with something else in your closet.

If you have trouble finding an ID number, it might be helpful to remove the other clothes from your clothing folder. This way, you can tell immediately if the ID number is working.

For reference, higher ID numbers usually show up earlier in the closet.

Member Hint
By Judy

The id number has to be between 3A and 7F in the last two digets for it to work. I'm pretty sure the first two digets can be anything.

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