Introduction to Clothes Hexing
By Brittney

Getting Started

1. What you will need:
a. image files: for convenience, I have created two bmps that can be used to follow along with this tutorial. Of course, you are welcome to substitute in your
To use my bmp files, save them to your Clothes folder as bmp1.bmp and bmp2.bmp

b. a program that will convert bmps to 256 colors: I like IfranView, which can be downloaded here:
c. a hex editor: I like Lnz Pro, which can be downloaded here:
d. Tinker: available here:
e. a graphics program of your choice
f. backups of clothing files (optional) are available at

2. Preparing your bmps: Bmps for clothing items must be 256 colors. Before we get started, let's get our image files ready. If you'd like to, make your own bmps (the tutorial will use two bmps) or you can use mine. Now, we need to make sure they are 256 colors. I will convert mine using IfranView.

Open up the first bmp in IfranView.

Click Image -> Decrease Color Depth
Select the option for 256 Colors and hit OK

Now, resave your file to the Clothes folder
Repeat for the second bmp

You should be all set and ready to go!

3. What's coming:

a. flat clothing types: these are clothing types that wrap around body parts of babyz (shirts, diapers)
i. the file parts: what they all mean
ii. recoloring an existing item: socks
iii. changing the clothing type: gloves

b. add ball clothing types: these are clothing types that rest on the baby (bows, glasses)
i. the file parts: what they all mean
ii. modifications: modifying existing items (bow)
iii. miscellaneous: linez and linez priority

c. general clothes hexing stuff:
i. tinkering: changing the image in-closet
ii. changing ID numbers: making the item show up separately
iii. embedding bmps: how to include the bmps directly in the file

4. General tips and troubleshooting:
a. if you are not sure which part of the clothing a line controls, try switching the bmp. When I was hexing a pair of glasses, I made each ball a different color so that it would be easier to see where each ball was and to know which ball I was
b. tinker as soon as possible to make it easier to find your clothing in the closet
c. draw your idea out so that you have a clear plan
d. if your bmp does not work properly, make sure that it is 256 colors
e. if your tinker file is messed up, make sure that the palette is set to babyz
f. you can use ; to blank out a line of code. This is handy for making notes in your file or temporarily removing a line of code.