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Milk's Hexing School

Must Haves!

Body Part Colors

Game Hair BMP's

Downloadable Hair BMP's

Spare BabyzRez.dll

Small & Pampered - Girls Codes
Small & Pampered - Boys Codes

Carolyn's Babyz Colour Chart


 Opening the correct file, different sections explained, understanding colours, understanding a ball,
changing bobble colour, changing eye colour, adding ballz

Basics 2
Changing textures, skin colour, eyelash length & colour, rosy cheeks 

Freckles, using released hair codes, belly buttons, moving bobbles (making double bobbles)

Intermediate 2
Tattoos, moving hair ballz, smaller babyz, helpful resources

Hexing skin bmps, 2-toned hair on the head

Simple Linez - By Liz (With Pictures!)

Non Rotating Bmps

Head Shape Determination


 Hex Workshop

Basic's - Hex Workshop
Must Have Information
Changing Eye Colour
Changing Bobble Colour
Changing Bobble Size & Fuzziness
Eyelid Color & Eyelash Length
Rosy Colours and BirthMarks
Teddy Bear Bun's - Hex Workshop
Skin Colour
Hexing off limbs
Moving Hair Ballz
Hair BMP
Eye Whites
Belly Buttons
Hexing back to a crawler

Rez hacker

Teddy Bear Bun's - Reshacker
Easy Linez (Rez Hacker) - By Kennedy
Boy's Eyebrows
Rosie Cheeks on Boys
Tuft on Boys Hair
Skin BMPs
Kissie Marks
Bobble BMPs
Hexing Freckles
Smaller Babyz
Moving and Adding Freckles
Adding More Hair Textures


Hexing Toyz