Hair BMP's

Becca of Sprinkled Sweet has made some gorgeous BMP's for you all to use! (Click the picture to download set).

Melanie Monkee has kindly sent in her selection of BMPs! Thank you Melanie!

Trace of Bumble Babyzhas made BMP's for the BC. Thanks Trace!

Anniebear of Butterfly Nursery sent these bmps to give something back to the BC. Thanks Anniebear!

Izzy of Fairy is sharing her BMPs with you! Thanks Izzy!

Please do not rename her files.

Bryanna of Hexies Galore has donated her BMPs! Thanks Bryanna!

Please do not rename her files.

Westie has sent in her BMPs for you to use. Thank you Westie :D

Please do not rename her files.

Always remember to acknowledge the original maker of anything you use!