I learnt to hex about 2 years ago and I knew then how hard it was to find a decent online help guide. Luckily I had friends to help me. In the meantime I have made a hexing guide which really stupid people should be able to follow, so you should be able to zap through it because I know you're not stupid if you're visiting Absolute ;).

First things first, goto C:\Program Files\Mindscape\Babyz\Resource (depends on which hard drive you have babyz installed on).

Then if you can't see a BabyzRez.dll in there you will need to go to View then Folder Options... and click the tab that says View, you should see a greyish folder with Hidden Files next to it, make sure Show all files is checked. Press apply and Ok.

Right now click once on BabyzRez.dll and copy it and paste it onto your desktop so that it is out of the way.

Make sure there are no babyz in your Adopted Babyz folder and open your Hex Editor. I use Hex Workshop which I download from www.download.com but I don't have a serial code for it yet.

So open it up and open BabyzRez.dll that is sitting in C:\Program Files\Mindscape\Babyz\Resource. Then goto Edit and click Find:

Type one of the following to go in the search box:

ab.lnz Asian Boy
abx.lnz Asian Boy
ag.lnz Asian Girl, two Ponies
agx.lnz Asian Girl, one and three ponies
bb.lnz Black Boy
bbx.lnz Black Boy
bgx.lnz Black Girl, one and three ponies
bg.lnz Black Girl, two Ponies
brb.lnz Tan Boy
brbx.lnz Tan Boy
brg.lnz Tan Girl, two Ponies
brgx.lnz Tan Girl, one and three ponies
wb.lnz White Boy
wbx.lnz White Boy
wg.lnz White Girl, two Ponies
wgx.lnz White Girl, one and three ponies