Welcome to the Intermediate 2 level of hexing babyz in LNZ Pro

Open a clean BabyRez.dll and open your LNZ to WG.lnz


Scroll down to the freckle area (in the [Paint Ballz] section) and copy one of the freckles and paste it directly underneath the last line.

8, 8 0, -.3, -.6 47 -1 0 -1 -1 -1 0, 0
8, 8 0, -.3, -.6 47 -1 0 -1 -1 -1 0, 0
The first number will be changed to wherever you want your tattoo to be. In this tutorial we're going to put the tattoo onto the tummy which is body part 4.

We change the third to last number (which is currently a -1) to the number according to your texture list (in this case it is 5). And in our textures list add the tattoo we want to use. If you go to Milkshake's BMP shop, pick one of Leya's tattoo bmps to use.

8, 8 0, -.3, -.6 47 -1 0 -1 -1 -1 0, 0
4, 50 0, -.3, -.6 47 -1 0 -1 -1 5 0, 0

[Texture List]
\art\autobuild\hair3.bmp 0
\art\autobuild\clear.bmp 1
\art\autobuild\cottonwhite.bmp 2
\resource\clothes\jf2.bmp 3
\resource\clothes\Blizzard-LK.bmp 4
\resource\clothes\lebluestar.bmp 5

You should make the size of your freckle somewhere between 20 - 50, depending on the size of the tattoo. Press save and open it up and have a look.

You may need to move it around and obviously we would use the XYZ numbers bolded here:

4, 50 0, -.3, -.6 47 -1 0 -1 -1 5 0, 0

As you can see two of the numbers have . before them. This is to signify how small the movements need to be to move the freckle aka 0.6 instead of being a whole number.

Moving Hairballz

Now you know how to move the bobble ballz, but now you want to look at moving the hair ballz to create new styles.

We will concentrate on creating two pony'd styles for the purpose of this tutorial.

For the purpose of making simple add ballz styles I would ignore the Z axis ball. It might as well stay at 0 or 5.

To add a ball to your style, copy the last line and paste it directly underneath. Change the size accordingly and move it so that it isn't overlapping the ball you copied it from.

Play around moving one ball at a time, resizing where necessary.

After one side is complete you simply re-create it on the other side by copying and pasting it underneath and change the X number into minuses like so:

Right Side:
63 90 -80 5 10 244 0 0 0 0 50 8 0 1

Left Side:
63 -90 -80 5 10 244 0 0 0 0 50 8 0 1

Smaller Babyz

If you go back a bit in LNZpro so that you can see all of the LNZ available. Click on the one that says BabyMaster.

Inside the BabyMaster LNZ find the bit that says [Default Scales]. These should both say 100 to start off with.

Change the pet scale to around 95 and leave the ball scale as 100 for a small difference.

To make Munchkin babyz change the numbers to 88/100

To make Mini Babyz change the numbers to 83/89

Play around with the two numbers to create different sized babyz and yes you can make them bigger!

Once you've changed the sizes go back to your WG LNZ to change what the baby looks like.

Helpful Resources

Telm's Freckle Generator - a great program to help you with different layouts of freckles.

Milkshake's Tutorial Resources - have a few of the BCers BMPs uploaded.

Milkshake's BMP Shop - contains hair BMPs by Jen & Leya. Alongwith tattoo BMPs by Leya.

Carolyn's Color Chart - the color chart to use when picking colors for your babyz.

Milkshake's Spa - shows you what the colors look like as eyes.

When using any of the above please remember to credit the creator accordingly!!!

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