Welcome to the basics2 of hexing babyz in LNZ Pro

Open a clean BabyRez.dll and open your LNZ to WG.lnz

Changing Textures

Scroll down to more than half way and find the [Texture List] which looks like this:

[Texture List]
\art\autobuild\hair3.bmp 1
\art\autobuild\clear.bmp 0
\art\autobuild\cottonwhite.bmp 0
;Hair color/textures 2
\art\autobuild\B_Blond1.bmp 0
\art\autobuild\B_Orange1.bmp 0
\art\autobuild\B_Orange2.bmp 0
\art\autobuild\B_Blond1.bmp 0
\art\autobuild\B_DarkBrown1.bmp 0
\art\autobuild\B_LtBrown1.bmp 0

To tidy this up we remove the bits we don't want, so that it looks like this:

[Texture List]
\art\autobuild\hair3.bmp 0
\art\autobuild\clear.bmp 1
\art\autobuild\cottonwhite.bmp 2


Note that I have changed the numbers at the end of each line. You should do this also. This helps us to know which number to use when texturing ballz.

You should copy and paste a line underneath the cottonwhite line and the number on the end will be changed to 3. Which is the default number for hair colour.

To use a game bmp the directory must always use \art\autobuild\name_of_bmp.bmp. A small list of these can be found on Milkshake at http://www.penshaw-pineapple.co.uk/milk/tutorials/gamebmps.html.

To use a custom bmp that you or a member of the BC has created, the directory should universally be \resource\clothes\name_of_bmp.bmp.

For example if we use the "jf2" bmp found in The Milkshake Spa we would write it as follows:

[Texture List]
\art\autobuild\hair3.bmp 0
\art\autobuild\clear.bmp 1
\art\autobuild\cottonwhite.bmp 2
\resource\clothes\jf2.bmp 3

If we wanted more than one bmp it would be listed underneath the last bmp and the numbers would change in succession i.e. 4, 5, 6.

On your hair ballz the last number would get changed to the colour you wanted. So one ball might be 3, another ball might be 4.

If you wish to add a texture to your bobble, just change the -1 at the end of the line to the number corresponding to the required bmp. For example if you wanted your bobble bmp to be Blizzard-LK (as found in milkshake's bmp shop), you would add it to your texture list, then scroll up to your addballz section and change the -1 to 4.

Skin Color

Scroll right to the bottom of your WG.lnz file until you reach [Ballz Info]. You will see 45 at the beginning of ever line.

This 45 is the skin colour. To change it to another colour, all you do is change all of the 45's at the beginning of each body part to your preferred colour. For example you might change it to 48 for a tan baby.

However Ubi Soft decided to put two spots on the nose elsewhere in the lnz and your baby can look very silly if you forget the "Nose ballz". In order to change this, scroll back up to the top of your file and look for this:

I have put a box around the 2 numbers that you need to change to your skin colour (using the example above, we would change it to 48).

Now depending on how much you've changed the skin colour you may need to change the eyelid colour which, quite nicely, has it's own complete area and is utterly easy to change. You can experiment with colors to make it look good with your new skin colour.

In order to do this, you need to go to the upmost part of the file, until you see:

[256 Eyelid Color]

Mess around with colours until you find one that goes well. Here are some you might try, depending on the skin colour:

Dark Asian: 41
Light Asian: 41
Black: 16
Dark tan: 48
Light tan: 47
White: 48

You may also need to change the mouth colour to match. To do this go to the [Polygons] section of the file. You will find:

; mouth
110, 111, 74, 73, 49, -1 -1 0 -1
111, 112, 75, 74, 49, -1 -1 0 -1
112, 113, 76, 75, 49, -1 -1 0 -1
113, 114, 77, 76, 49, -1 -1 0 -1
114, 115, 78, 77, 49, -1 -1 0 -1
 The 49 is the mouth colour. Mess around with colours until you find one which looks nice. Here are some you might try, depending on the skin colour:

Dark Asian: 47
Light Asian: 47
Black: 212
Dark tan: 33
Light tan: 33
White: 49

Eyelash Length & Color

There is an entire section dedicated to the Eyelashes at the very beginning of the LNZ file.

The 4, 5, 6, 5, 4 is the length of the eyelashes and it's best to ensure this is kept in symmetry. I.e. it could become 5, 6, 7, 6, 5. Please ignore the -1 and do not change it.

The 244 denotes the color of the eyelashes and this could be changed to a brown or dirty blonde to reflect the babyz hair colour to make it look more natural. Or it could be changed to a bright colour to reflect mascara.

The info after each line explains what each does and you can experiment to change the eyelashes.


Find the area that is called [Paint Ballz] and scroll down a little way until you find the "rosy cheeks":

#1;rosy cheeks
8, 35 .2, .1, -1 46 -1 0 -1 -1 -1 0, 0
9, 35 0, .1, -1 46 -1 0 -1 -1 -1 0, 0

The 8 and 9 are telling the paint ball to be attached to those parts of the body, in this case the right and left cheek.

The 35 is the size of the rosies, you can change this to make rosies bigger or smaller.

The 3 numbers after this are the XYZ axis' which move the rosies around (as explained in basics1).

The 46 is the colour of the rosy cheeks which can be changed to reflect skin tone.

We don't need to worry about the numbers after this!!!

To have rosy cheeks you must use a baby code that is described to have rosy cheeks or else they will not show up.

To put rosy cheeks on a boy baby, you copy the above section and paste it over the two ## at the end of the [Paint Ballz] section in the boy lnz.


Ensure the ; is still at the end of the section.

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