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In order to have a mootique listed here, you must read these rules and follow them as a guideline:

  1. You will need to know how to use WordPress to create pages & upload content – don’t worry – we can help you!
  2. You MUST be a member of Milk in order to have a Mootique on or to be linked on the shop page
  3. Create your own thumbnail (like a store front!)
    • Images must be 250×250 pixels, there is a template below
  4. Decide if you’d like your shop image to link to a page on, your mootique on Milk, OR your own custom URL
  5. Ensure that your files are virus-free prior to uploading & sharing
  6. Upload only YOUR own content that you have created
  7. Submit a form telling us about your shop!

Storefront template:

After we review your application:

  • We will set up an account for you to use with the information you included in your application
  • We will set up a mootique account for you
  • We will use the “storefront” image that you submitted and link it on the shops page so people can get to your mootique
  • We will then email you with all the new info so you can get started!

This is just a quick little guide to get you started with hosted mootiques 🙂

  • Login to the dashboard by going here: 
  • Create your first Shop Page by going to + New > Page
  • Add your shop’s name into the first box (red arrow), then your content in the bigger box below (green arrow)
  • You can add images by clicking on “Add Media” (blue arrow)
  • Save your first shop page under the parent “Shop” (fuchsia arrow) then Publish your page (orange arrow)
  • Once it’s saved, you will be able to view page (purple arrow)

On this first page, you can add all of your downloads if you just want to keep it simple. Or, you can add more pages but this time, instead of placing your new pages under shop (fuchsia arrow) you will place them under Your Named Shop under Shop (bright blue arrow). This will help to keep all of the pages in order!


  1. Publish your first page to the Parent “Shop”
  2. Subsequent pages should then go under YOUR shop as its Parent
  3. If you upload pages outside of your area, you will be at risk for being disallowed to upload any further (account deleted)
    • Allowed uploads: zip, rar, png, gid, jpg, jpeg
    • Not allowed uploads: 7z, exe, bmp, mid
      (To get around these, you can use a host like Mediafire or Dropbox)