September 2023


Lacey’s Corner

By Lacey

august has been another lovely and bustling month for milk! with the excitement of the ongoing summer event, all the beautiful hexing taking place, and the recent influx of petz players joining in the fun (hi friends!), it feels like the community just keeps getting more and more active! we are thriving in this summer of 2023 and i couldn’t be more excited to see where we go from here.

in battle of the bands news, our tour bus has just pulled into our third and final venue:ย cowchella music festival! here, our four bands will compete in one last performance task and after tallying all of the performance results, the winning band will be crowned! overall battle of the bands has been a very successful event with members enjoying the venues and our band teams creative collaborations!

so, in this last leg of the summer event, you may be asking, “what’s next?” following battle of the bands, there will be some much-needed catch-up time in september, which is the perfect opportunity to get back into pageants, update your babyz’ rooms, get some hexing done, and anything else that may have fallen by the wayside during the event. then, in the fall, you can look forward to our annualย fall festival! fall festival is a favorite tradition among the members of the community and always draws in a ton of activity and hype. more details to follow in the coming weeks.


By Angelica

Babyz Site

The Wisp Den
Heather’s beautiful site with babyz creations. It’s super cute and super whimsical! The layout is also an out-of-the-box style which makes it especially adorbs.


Cosmic Starburst
Our amazing babyz hexer Rylan has not only been dabbling in hexies, but now into the clothes area!! Yay! With their very exciting take on ideas and themes, you will certainly find something beautiful to download here!

Petz Site

Filthy Hippie
A super neat, retro look at a petz site! Not to mention the obviously amazing layout! There are lots of neat things to do here!


Hexing Mania

By Kittycat

welcome back to hexing mania! Where we post the latest so you dont have to dig for it!!


A starry baby who puts stars in our eyes hexed by Lacey for Nena! <3

A cutie hexed by Nena! Her lil kitty pal on her head is to cute for words!

A punky princess by Jordyn hexed to have her own accessories like hair bmps! Chloe recently got drawn for her hat!

A cute little eye rolling grower hexed by Rebekah that captured Mossrose’s heart when they took her home!

A beautiful pink alien from out of this world! She was hexed by Chloe and taken home by Holly! <3

This Alien butterfly cutie was hexed by Rylan and adopted by Kittycat! <3

This iridescent Mermaid made waves when she was hexed by rylan and in the end went home with Rebekah!

This lost little fawn found her way into Nenas house after being hexed by Chloe! <3

A flowery garden baby who was hexed by Rebekah and taken home by Jamie!

The girl with her head up in the clouds was hexed by Rebekah and flown to Angelica’s home! <3

This cyclops baby with extra eyes on her belly hexed by Lobb caught Rebekah’s attention right away and went home with her!

A mini Rima hexed by Jamie was spot on and just perfect for Rimas family!

This slime rancher baby by Rima for Jamie is enough to make anyone want to play the game!

Jamies update to an oldie is the perfect Shirley Temple! Bobbi-jo’s decision to get her a glow up really paid off! <3

Kaylas new baby is inspired by a character off a new show! Shes so cute we may have to check out it out! <3

A smol hobbit for Mossrose by the genius Jamie! His lil grumpy face is enough to melt your heart!

This spunky girl by Jamie has something we have never seen! A choker! Rebekah is a lucky girl with this little one!

Sinnie got this adorable little moose baby from Rylan! The antlers were perfectly crafted and to die for! <3

These one eyed babyz are a perfect pair for Sinnie! Rylan really outdid themselves!

Angelica’s new slimy baby from Rylan is sure to make a mess but at least shes cute as a button! <3

All of Sinnie’s older Jamie babyz got a glow up recently! We have no clue how Jamie does it but this batch of babyz sure are a cute bunch!

Speaking of glow up’s Bobbi-jo recently gave a batch of Cheryl’s older babyz a cute makeover! Those freckles are perfect!

This little lamb was teased by Jamie in hexbook status.. is she an auction? Hattie? We look forward to finding out!

Megan hexed her real life sons and killed it on her first bmp hair! Those little cat pixels are too cute!<3

For lynx’s newbie hexed Jamie hexed this fire tiger who practically glows! <3

Jamie also did Kathleens newbie hexed and this sunny girl of perfection popped out!

A little doll that will make you afraid of the dark! It was a full out battle between Tori, Chloe and Sinnie for this one. Sinnie won this .. adorable doll. Hopefully she has a nightlight! <3

Mossrose created magic with one of Aleisha’s hairstyles! This adorable redhead still needs a home! <3

Trisha’s dutch girl by Lacey is so cute! Her coloring and tulips are perfect! <3

Lobbs Jellyfish girlie for Jamie has the most amazing buns! Genuis! <3

Mossrose wanted a baby to match her family and this little one fit right in! Kittycat hexed her with cute lil clips for a newbie hex!

Got to catch them all! This Mimikyu went home with Lynx after doing a trade with Kittycat for a Pet! <3

This Calico is a purrfect hex by Kittycat for Megan! (Beautiful yarn balls and bow colors done by Angelica) It was a trade for a Pet ! <3

Kittycat is always down for a trade so when Trisha reached out offering a custom clothes set this little one appeared! <3 Obsessed with her coloring!

Heather, Lacey and Kazzie hexed these adorable boba babyz and Kittiez as friendship triplets! <3 Their bellies are actually see through! <3

Heather is hexing Nena a Palia inspired baby! This is a WIP she said but we think its perfect! <3

A new style Aleisha created! Those love buns brings us back to Valentines day! <3

A WIP by Ember! We are obsessed with those strandy strands! <3

Mimi making use of Lacey’s recently released haircodes! This little boy is perfect! <33

Chloe’s new style she showed off in discord! It turned out amazing!! Cant wait to see what gets hexed with it!

Lacey hexed this adorable child for Kazzie! We are obsessed with her coloring!

Rima’s flower crowns are so perfect! <3 These two are too cute for words!

This colorful baby is for Lemonseed by their friend Sharon and brings us back to our childhood! Dr. Seuss vibes are amazing!<3

This adorable girl was hexed by Jordyn! She was teased in discord and everyone is still hoping to see her hit the adoption center! <3

A Rylan masterpiece with such cute colors for Lemonseed! It always see’s you.. haha! <3

Aleisha’s new style! Heart shaped bangs! We are obsessed! <3

Mimi’s blonde Cutie with one of Aleisha’s hair styles! <3

Kayla’s cute mountain hex is so sweet! We love those flowers! She was for Megan in a trade! <3

The blues on Chloe’s Nessie baby she did with Aleisha’s hairstyle are perfect! <3

Megans Canada day twins she created are absolutely on theme and scream Canada! <3

Chloe hexed friendship twins for her and Kayla and these guys are too sweet! <3

Sinnie caught a new pokemon with this Alcremie inspired baby hexed by Kittycat with her new hairstyle! <3

Kayla is really getting her rainbow on with this beautiful new style! <3

These firey twins were hexed by Rebekah who is on fire herself with so many great hex’s! <3 The girl went home with Angelica and the boy stayed with Rebekah!

Aleisha redid her mermaid ears recently! We loved them before but this upgrade is such an amazing hex! <3

Hexing Programs!

Aleisha’s Fairy ring! (Program complete)
You placed an object into the fairy ring and a baby came out from it! You got such a lovely story along with it. <3

After taking a nice long nap Moonie woke up to this beautiful alien for Kittycat! She is currently still growing her!

Chloe’s Surprise bags! (Program complete)
There were three bags and you could join the hat for any or all and a grower was revealed once drawn!

Kayla won the Pastel bag and brought home this adorable little sprite!

Ember won the Cross bag and brought home the sassy little goth girl!

Kittycat won the sky bag and took home a little blue girl from outer space!

Kittycat’s Sims program (Program complete)
There was a series of questions that helped theme a baby! The amount of babyz depended on the game!

This is the last baby of the game! Helens magical glimmer grove baby originally had all purple hair but with permission Helen added pink and blond to the ombre. It suits her perfectly! <3

Aleisha’s Sabines scoop’s (Program closed but still in progress)

You chose your flavour(s) of icecream and cone then got a cute ticket!
First order

Rylans adorable little galaxy monster! Her leg fur is just perfect! <3
Second order

This strawberry cookie dough girl for Trisha has some of the cutest decor! <3

Heather’s hexing prompt babyz (Program closed but still in progress)

Helens Sparkly ballerina has the perfect ammount of sparkle and a cute bow to top her off!

The strands on Chloe’s colorful siren make us stare in amazement!

This lil patel cloud is a perfect addition to Lacey’s growing hoard of cloud babyz!


Inspired by the cute forum layout Angelica hexed this amazing groovy clothes set! Dirty diapers included! <3

Rima recently redid the bubbles but more shiny! Love the blues! <3

Chloes recent dive back into clothes hexing resulted in this amazing pastel space set! <3

This Pastel goth set is amazing! Hexed by Rylan for Rebekah but you can grab it in their mootique! <3

Blue glitter set by Rebekah that gives us total cheerleader vibes!

This tropical pineapple outfit by Bobbi-jo makes us feel like we are still on the beach and the cold weather is not approaching.. Its amazing! <3

This Ocean turtle set by Rylan was requested by Cheryl! It feels very Tranquil!

Embers Taylor swift suit we sneak peeked last month is now done and available in their Mootique! <3

Kayla requested this gorgeous cherry blossom set and Rylan delivered perfectly! <3

This battle of the bands suit you can still buy with pp during the event is by bobbi-jo! We love the mix of colors with black and white!

Cow belles Merch for the event! This gives their vibes off perfectly! <3

Squish rock merch for the event! It even has instruments! <3

Meow mix purrfect merch! Loving the pawprints! <3

Cowmeleons Merch for the event ! Those glasses are sooo good! <3

Rebekahs cute pink star set almost gives us Mario vibes! <3 Very cute!

Trisha hexed this cute outfit for her twins but its available for everyone! The popcorn pieces are popping! (Haha!)


Do you need your walls redone? Yes? Then these are perfect for you! Download them from Angelicas site and pop them into your game for all your redecorating needs!

This adorable bunny was hexed by Wilds.. and we are still on the lookout for where to get this plush! <3

If you would like something you hexed featured don’t hesitate to send a picture to Kittycat! (She digs .. but sometimes she misses things! <3)