May 2023


Be On The Lookout

By Angelica

Milk just finished up its Easter egg hunt event. There were loads of treats for milkers to find and lots of lovely content in the mall, the hop shoppe, and with the neato Milkigotchi!

So, whats next??

Our main milker, Lacey, has been cooking up some super sweet stuff for the upcoming summer event(s)! You are NOT gonna wanna miss this! I’ve gotten a couple sneak peeks at some hexies, and let’s just say you’re gonna wanna drink them all up!!


Hexing Mania

By Kittycat

With Milk becoming so active lately there has been a stream of amazing hexing! From recolors to new hair .. everything continues to amaze and shake the community! Lets take a look at some of the most recent hexing with clothes and babyz!


An amazing disney inspired girl by Trisha using Laceys hair!

A new hairstyle by Chloe!

Octavia’s new hair do blended perfectly by helen with laceys hair!

An adorable space baby designed by Angelica and brought to life by Jamie!

A Perfect Spyro brought straight from the game to babyz by Kayla!

A Matcha baby that looks good enough to drink by Rylan!

Rylan, Kayla and Kittycat’s (Aka Rylacat!) most recent Collab done for Easter!

A spot on sims inspired baby hexed by Lacey with Aleishas hair!

A breakfast baby thats looks so yummy it could make you hungry by Heather!

Cosmic Brownie baby thats sure to make you crave sweets by Kittycat


An adorable on point cactus set by Heather!

A perfect for your twins Easter set by Trisha!

The bunny suit of the season by Amy!

The suit for all your chicks by Bobbi-Jo!

Needless to say .. the talent around the BC is just Amazing! <3


By Rebecca

Babyz Site

Angelica’s Site
An absolutely iconic site with a plethora of cool stuff to check out and a very pretty rainbow aesthetic to boot. There’s dress-up games, printables, adoptions, downloads, puzzles, and resources for building your own site and graphic-making! For Easter, it’s got some cute Easter emojis raining down on the screen.


Owned by the lovely Trisha, Giggle has a wide variety of adorable clothing sets for you to choose from! Trisha’s a master at making huge sets in a ton of cute themes! Check out all the Disney clothes while you’re there, and all the sets for your boy babyz!

Petz Site

Run by Megan@Xoops. She features a cool monthly stamp on her site, lots of fun downloads, and this month, she is running the Easter Egg Hunt (info about this on the forums)! So show some love by checking out her site!