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Lacey's Corner

By Lacey

Milk is in the thick of our grand summer Battle of the Bands event! We've got four babyz bands competing in this event: The Cow Belles: a girly country/folk band, The Cowmeleons, an angsty pastel goth group, Meow Mix, a pop vocal group comprised entirely of cats, and Squish, a hardcore rock and roll band!

On May 29th, all our bands and band managers piled into the Milky Moo-sic Tour Bus and took off on the tour of a lifetime! We recently arrived at our first venue, Bluhamas Beach, where we'll be living it up under the sun and performing on the famous Seashell Stage! The winning country of the 2016 Moolympic games, The Bluhamas features beautiful sunsets and tropical beaches and is a recurring favorite destination for Milky tourism. 

After we're done in The Bluhamas, we'll be setting our sights on our next two amazing tour destinations. Our next stop is the bustling Moo York City and, of course, the big finale at Cowchella Music Festival in August! Along the way, our bands will be writing songs and putting out some awesome band merch.

Hope to catch you in the audience!! 🤘


Hexing Mania

By Kittycat

welcome back to hexing mania! Where we post the latest so you dont have to dig for it!!


an amazing Hexie Angelica did dedicated to her grandma! <3 What a sweet way to remember her by!

A new style and hattie by Chloe ! This beautiful froggy baby is currently still up as a hattie so join quick!

Another current hattie (The time to join is now!) and new style by Lacey! A beautiful purple mermaid!

A beautiful commission by Jamie for bobbi jo!

A very actual baby like baby by Jamie!

A super colorful commission by Heather for kayla! <3

Majestic Flamingo baby for Holly by Heather!

A Beatles baby by Kayla with some special meaning ! <3

another gorgeous hattie (That is currently still up!) that you should get in on by Rylan!

With their shared love for Mcdonalds Rylacat has collab'd to make themselves babyz themed after their favorite comfort foods!
(Rylacat = Rylan, Kayla, and Kittycat)

This beautiful collab between Kayla and Chloe with these fruit themed pride babyz! (That are currently Hatties so go quick!)

A pride collab Rylacat made for pride month! (Currently still able to jump in her hat ! <3)

Hexing Programs!
Kittycat's Sims baby program!
still ongoing! (Has been put on pause slightly because of the band event!)

Just a couple more that have come of this and you can view the rest at
I recommend checking the rest of these out! <3


A talk about a head mic was mentioned in discord and we theorized how it could be done.. and Lacey went and did it! It is amazing!

Super beachy outfit by Trisha that you can go grab in the Bluhamas shop now!

Strawberry set that is a fruity must have in the Bluhamas shop!

A beachy set (With some goggles for your underwater sight seeing!) that is also in the Bluhamas shop right now!

Get this pride outfit to celebrate the rest of pride month (Or just to wear ...!) in Heathers milky mall!

Beautifully colored Bluhamas outfit by trisha!(Seriously .. these colors! <3)

More strawberries (Who could get enough!?) by Heather that is in her milky mall! (That corset top.. i want irl!)

Super cute froggy set by Lacey (In the bluhamas shop!) that you should hop on over to get!

(Because yes... some were hexed!)

Polly Pocket by Angelica! Relive your own childhood with this amazing toy! (On her site with so much amazing content!)

Bass , Guitar and Mic by Kittycat ! (Not yet available!)

Amazing cw plush by Lacey!(Yes it is addballz!) Made for Milks 17th birthday and you can download it on the post about the birthday!
If you would like something you hexed featured don't hesitate to send a picture to Kittycat! (She digs .. but sometimes she misses things! <3)



By Angelica

Babyz Site

The Color Wheel
Asiyd's very cute, very vibrant babyz site dedicated to their babyz & pageant info!


The Wisp Den
Heather has really knocked it out of the park with her latest Pride celebration clothing set! Each time she hexes, she is more creative and inventive!

Petz Site

Acid Trip
It's Asiyd month - this is their petz site which includes adoptions, downloads, and lots of other really neat stuff!


Happy Birthday!

A super special happy birthday to our friends:

  • Brittney (3rd)
  • Mimi (7th)
  • Jen (12)
  • Jamie (12)

May your days be as beautiful and wonderful as you! ♥

If we missed you, please check that you are on the Milk Birthday Calendar (and also take the birth month patch if you'd like!)


Coloring Page

By Angelica

In the spirit of the Bluhamas, color the marimba! (hear it, too!)
you can print + color, or digitally color!
Message Angelica a copy of your completed puzzle for a prize! (one per person!)


Created with Quiz Maker


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