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Lacey's Corner

By Lacey

it’s been a calmer month in terms of events which has been much-needed after our long summer of battle of the bands! that said, despite the break in events, the community has been anything but quiet! there has been a plethora of beautiful hexing, some fun theme days, and, of course, milk has gone back to school!

this month, our lovely headmistress heather reopened milk’s beloved preschool, sunny pastures school for babyz, for another term! the school has been closed for a few years for various reasons, but this was the absolute perfect time to reopen, and heather has done an amazing job bringing new life to our little school! the term starts on october 1st, so make sure you enroll if you’d like your baby to attend!

coming up next is our annual fall festival! this fun fall carnival rolls into town every year to bring a delightful array of games, rides, vendors, and more to celebrate the coming of fall! the fall festival will roll right into halloween and our milk trick-or-treat event which is sure to be a ton of fun. it’s a great time to start thinking about what treats you’d like to give out at your door!



By Rebecca

Babyz Site

Helen’s site has a pretty green and floral aesthetic! The site features downloads, an archive, and both Helen’s petz and babyz families. Every single petz and babyz image has an adorable background that perfectly matches the aesthetic of the site! Speaking of matching, Helen’s calico baby Daisy can be seen on the background of the site; her flower crown fits in perfectly!


Aleisha’s mootique has a wide variety of sets, with everything from Halloween/fall themed clothes to fantasy sets to Barbie and more! Each and every set is gorgeous and utilizes lots of fun different types and styles of clothing items. Whether you’re looking for a mini set or something big, you’ll find just what you’re looking for!

Petz Site

Cargo is an absolute staple of a petz site! It’s got an incredible variety of resources and an amazing hexing archive to look through. There’s also a huge variety of downloads, with everything from textures to toyz to flat clothing, to addball and no-texture rotate clothes! The latter of which is hard to find in Petz. Aesthetically, the site is based on the Petz games. The site navigation looks just like the travel case in Petz!


Hexing Mania

By Kittycat

welcome back to hexing mania! Where we post the latest so you dont have to dig for it!!


This month Kayla took on a massive project of 6 care bears! Made with love they all turned out perfect! She has plans to make more! What will we see next?

Aleisha and Kayla did a hexie trade! Aleisha got one of the carebears and in return made these beauties! <3

Erica gave an oldie a makeover! She looks amazing with her new look.

Aleisha gave some of her oldies a makeover with her updated styles! The colors are just perfect! <3

Lacey commissioned Chloe for this amazing sparkly black dragon! So much sparkle!!

Aleisha updated Vanellope and this new style is to die for~! Barbie inspired but suits this little angel perfectly!

Heathers beautiful fairy hexed by Lacey! Her coloring just makes us aweee.. <3

Rylan hexed this incredible simple kitty! Will she be seen in Rylans family? A hattie? noone knows!

Bunni's funfetti themed newbie hex by Kittycat is themed after her site! Spot on!

The coloring on Aleishas moth baby she hexed is pure perfection .. These colors just make us smile!

Very simple hex... but Aleisha Raimbowfied tears!! How cool is this!?

A beautiful purple angel (That has a certain Kittycat super tempted) by Rebekah! The purple!!

Cow club bat twins by Jamie! These lil batz are the cutest fly rodents we have ever seen!!

This super freckley cutiepie is a result of Mossrose making their own freckles! Too adorable!

Do you like Candy apples? Then this is the baby for you! By Rylan , she is a cow club

Heather owning the addballz!! Shes learning it and this looks amazing! Can not wait to see what else she does!

Chloe Commissioned an Elf baby from kittycat! This sparkly little elf is the perfect addition to Chloes family!

Rima hexed herself this epic (Yet another outstanding flower crown) baby! The eyes are just *Chefs kiss*

Kittycat did it again with another site themed baby for Bobbi-jo. Moon petal was her old babyz site and now this baby will be the new mascot! <3

Chloe opened commissions recently and blew it out of the water on this sweeney todd theme for Jamie! Her "paint" Is actually on the slider! So neat!

Holly's Texas themed baby by Heather is to freaking sweet! <3 Her bluebell crown is simply amazing!

Rylan hexed themselves this amazing Glitchy baby! Giving 90s blue and red 3d glasses! We are in love!

Kelly spruced up her Connie with one of Jamies styles! She is adorable!

Rylans first auction was this amazing glowing kitty! Megan won her and we cant wait to see her around!

Its pumpkin spice season!! Mimi's cute lil grower is perfect for fall! Chloe took her home and her whispys as she grows has been too cute!

Kittycat hexed this beautiful memorial kitty for Sinnie with her first ever custom pixel art! Too sweet!

This gorgeous unisex hair is simply to cute for words! Definitely will be needing a little boy with this!

Erica created this beautiful simple darling for herself when she realized she had all colorful children! Shes so sweet looking! <3

A simply perfect unisex style that Rylan is working on right now! <3


Hexing Programs!

Aleisha's Sabines scoop's (Program closed but still in progress)
Continuing the amazing hexing from last month Aleisha has finished another 4 of these!!

Kaylas amazing fairy icecream baby ! she has the cutest lil flowers all over!

This non-dairy little mossy, pansy girl is perfection! Her eyes just speak to us!

A derpy lil Faecorn for kittycat! This little one could be besties with Moonie with her spaced out smile!

Her little jellyfish friends are to cute! The hair?! the colors?! Holly took home a perfect little mermaid!

Heather's hexing prompt babyz (Program finished!)
The final baby for this!

Kayla's lil Sanrio baby! The coloring in her hair is tooo good! We are in love!

Chloe's Surprise bags! (Program complete)
A second round of three bags that you could join the hat for any or all and a grower was revealed once drawn!

Kazzie took home this adorable little pink cow!

Sinnie adopted this cute little purring stray!

Heather was surprised with beautifully colored twins!



Erica hexed this amazing poison apple set! Perfect for Halloween! Its cute af! <3

Aleisha created this beautiful corset dress for all the mini goths!

Amazing work in progress by Ember! Its a Swiftie dress! We love this!!

Beautiful orange plaid outfit by Heather! The wings just complete it! <3

A massive set from Rylan ! Trisha supplied the beautiful bmps but Rylan brought them to life!

This ghosty set by Aleisha has the perfect model! We love the lil Paci! <3

A purple plaid suit with the cutest pocket ever by Lacey! <3

The colors on this orange fall themed outfit by Aleisha are to die for! <3

Rylans bright and colorful set has all the best colors! <3

A pastel creepy outfit by Bobbi-jo! We are in love with the chest bones shirt! <3

Erica's pink bat outfit is perfect for your spoiled little ones!

The perfect dresses for that halloween family gathering! These are too cute!

If you would like something you hexed featured don't hesitate to send a picture to Kittycat! (She digs .. but sometimes she misses things! <3)


Happy Birthday!

A super special happy birthday to our friends:

  • Rylan (6th)
  • Aleisha (10th)
  • Cheryl (13th)
  • Bunni (19th)
  • Kayla (28th)

May your days be as beautiful and wonderful as you! ♥

If we missed you, please check that you are on the Milk Birthday Calendar (and also take the birth month patch if you'd like!)


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