Mande's Clothes

Newest clothes on first page (NEW)
Sets from my Milk Mootique (2011) on second (Ke Aloha)
Old vintage clothes (prior to 2011) no one is ever likely to use and are only here for archiving on last page (OLD)


ID changes are free to be made.
Everything should have it's own bmps embedded and each set should have non-colliding ID numbers. I can't guarantee old sets won't collide with old ones.
Please let me know if something is not embedded or tinkered properly!


Bekah- bUggs
Brittany- side hat
Brittney - retro sunglasses/glasses, stocking cap, pom hats, hipster scarves, tie
Bryanna(HG) - HG dress, HG skirt
Kirsty- Necklace, bow
Liz- bow clip
LK - Cotton bmps
PDH - PDHdress
Sharon - Tutus
Milkshake - Tinker templates and tutorials, cotton bmps,
Mande- 4petal flower headband, 7petal flower headband, tiny7flower headband*, left bow headband* (*NOT recolorable yet)

Updated: 15 Aug 2015
Added Foxy, Blank Space and Be Brave sets

Set Count: 44