Sick Babyz

Sometimes Babyz get sick. Hey, it happens – we’re human… okay, maybe they’re not. But there are some things you can do to get your baby on the mend:

  1. Using the thermometer, lay your baby on the changing table and hold the thermometer over there forehead
  2. Set baby down and dress them in some warm clothing
  3. Then, grab some medicine from the cabinet (there is some in the kitchen cabinet, too!)
  4. Put it in your carrying case
  5. Go to the kitchen
  6. Place baby in the chair and feed it a couple drops of medicine
  7. Follow that with orange juice (which is a patch that you can find in the original shop here)
  8. Take them into the nursery and rock them to sleep

Repeat this process over and over until they’re well!

Or, you can do what most of lazybones do and make them not sick by using the brain sliders!

  1. Go to the Petza > Babyz > Your babyz name > Brain Sliders..
  2. Change the sickness, fever, c.pox, and (if you want) medicined sliders

And your baby should be right as rain!