Getting Started

So, you’ve downloaded and installed Babyz. When you first open up the game, you’re met with a screen that demands to know your code! Luckily for you, user @kayjo created a handy dandy spreadsheet of the Babyz codes for adoption!

Check it out!

Once you find a code, you enter into that screen, you read the adoption agreement, and you accept! You will then name your new baby and get ready for the fun to begin!

Alternatively, you could also download a baby from Angelica’s updated version of the original Adoption Center:

Take a peek!

To do this:

  1. Close your game
  2. Download a babyz .zip file
  3. Unzip it
  4. Move the .baby file to the  /Babyz/Adopted Babyz/ folder
  5. Open your game and check to see that your baby is there!
  6. You can rename your baby by going to the Babyz > Rename Babyz menu option within the game

Now you’re off to explore the rest of the game~ have fun!