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Open your Walkers file:

Go to “Tools” and “Generate Checksum…”

Change it to Checksum (16 Bit) and press Generate

Take a note of the Checksum/Digest – in this Babyz case it’s F845

Go to Find and type in Diaper, depending on the babyz file it might be a white diaper or an ameoba diaper, so just entering diaper will find the correct line.

Scroll up until you see a load of FF’s in the line or two above you’ll see 01 and 09 close together (bordered in red).

Change the numbers bordered in green to all zeros

If you were to generate a checksum now it will have changed, so we need to change another part of the file to get back to the same number.

Scroll upwards to the hairstyle and look for the numbers like the following:

Change the last number of the longer numbers (bordered in green) to a higher number so a 3 into a 9.

Hit generate checksum each time to see if you get closer to your original number.

Once you’re back to the original number, press save and open Babyz and your walker should now be a crawler!