a happy little sun

welcome to pixels & sunshine!

i'm lacey and i love to hex. this site is my little display case where i keep an archive of all the things i've hexed, as well as a huge downloads shop and also resources to help YOU hex too! enjoy! ♡

love, lacey


august 4, 2023

♥ added a page in my archive for petz hexing.
♥ added two newly released haircodes: playground hair and the frizzaster.

july 30, 2023

♥ added my petz crew to my 'about' section.
♥ fixed a bunch of broken downloads in my hair textures and also the "download all" buttons should work now.
♥ added a new "clothing textures" section to my resources with free-to-use cotton and fabric bmps.
♥ added tee neck, pockets item, and new mermaid costume items to my clothing bases.