On 2nd April 2014, Milkshake became Babyz.org.

The idea for Milkshake was born on 28th May 2007 between the Milkistrators; Kennedy & Jen.

It was decided that all current sites should be combined to create one large source for the BC.

The website itself is maintained by Jen & Lacey with regular content updates by YOU the creators!

The sites that formed Milkshake were:

Absolute - this site was born in October 2004 and founded by Jen & Hilary of the PC.

FLVR - this site was born on 5th December 2002 and founded by Jen. The site was regularly co-owned and a few to mention are Helen, Stevie, Kat & Lolly.

Heavenly Angels - this site was born 13th June 2002 and was founded and owned by Stevie.