Forum History

The Milk Babyz Forum was born on the 29th June 2006
and co-founded by Kennedy, Jen & Stevie.

It is  owned by the co-owners, Lacey, Jen, Kennedy, and Liz.

It is managed by the Milk Committee.

Facts & Figures

Milk hit 50,000 posts on 19th May 2007.

Milk hit 100,000 posts on 12th August 2007.

Milk hit 200 members on the 4th February 2008.

Milk hit 200,000 posts on 1st April 2008

Milk hit 250,000 posts on 1st September 2008

Milk hit 300,000 posts on 2nd March 2009

Milk hit 350,000 posts on 5th August 2009

Milk hit 400,000 posts on 31st Dec 2009

Milk hit 450,000 posts on 15th June 2010

Milk hit 500,000 posts on 15th December 2010

Milk hit 550,000 posts on 15th June 2011

Milk hit 600,000 posts on 6th April 2012

Milk turned 6 years old on the 29th June 2012

Milk hit 650,000 posts on 1st January 2013

Milk hit 700,000 posts on 9th July 2014

Milk hit 750,000 posts in 2015

Milk lost a valued member; Laura

Milk turned 10 years old on the 29th June 2016

Milk hit 800,000 posts on 26th May 2016

Milk hit 850,000 posts in April 2017

Millk hit 900,000 posts in February 2018

Milk became a teenager on 29th June 2019

Milk turned 15 on the 29th June 2021

Milk hit 950,000 on 18th July 2021


Thank you to every one who has given up their time to help run Milk,
we really appreciate what you have done for us :)