Thank you to Mark Hicks for the Strawberry Clip Arts used in the Find It - Discovery School

The whole BC and everyone at the forum Milk for their help, support and love since 29th June 2006!

Thanks to Linty for making Version 2 and 7 of Milkshake

Thanks to Breezy for her donations of toyz

Thanks to LK for her cotton bmp recolors

Thanks to Stevie for her adoption donations

Clothing Credits

Bekah - Buggz

Brittany -  Ear muffs, overalls, sideways caps, scarves & suspenders

Brittney - Hipster scarves, hoodies, house scarves, loose ties, nerd glasses, pom hats, stocking hats

Bryanna - Dress bases

LK - Hipster headbands (with permission) & some cotton bmps

Sharon - Pirate hats, skirts & tutus

Twincy - Diamond ties, Kittycat Hat

PDH - Puffy Tank Top, Romper, Non-HG Dresses

Ainsley - Ickle Bow, Legwarmers

Mande - Mini Bow

Charlotte - Sweatband (with permission)