| BCRS Information |

All BCRS-supported pageants and baby registry now take place on Milk.

| Other Stuff |

If you have retired 3 babyz you can apply to register a 4th!

Babyz will not be added to the ratings page until they earn points.

Babyz will be removed if they receive no points for a year. We may be able to reinstate them with their points intact if you contact us on Milk.

Click here to check the ratings for babyz who didn't earn points in 2019 so were removed in 2020.

Suffixes will be freed up if not used for 3 years.

| Supreme Titles |

As your babyz earn BCRS points, they will unlock new titles.

Baby Supreme: 200+ points
Junior Supreme: 400+ points
Senior Supreme: 600+ points
Grand Supreme: 800+ points
Ultimate Supreme: 1,000+ points
Ultimate Grand Supreme: 1,200+ points

:: How it got started ::
The idea for this comes from the Petz Community where Pet Shows are judged and points are given out

:: How it works for babyz::
What higher position you get in the pageant the more points you get, then you collect your points to aim for higher targets.
You also need to add a suffix to all of your registered babyz.
ie. AE (site initial, mother's initial) if you don't have a site use something else.
All of your babyz will have the same suffix.
Check in the ratings section to see which suffixes have already been taken before applying.

:: BCRS Retirement: Point Limiting ::

Points are now "limited" at BCRS. When a baby reaches 1000 points, they will be put into bcrs retirement at the end of the month.

They can of course still be entered in pageants but will no longer be eligible to collect points.

You can take your baby out of retirement straight away but their points will revert to zero.

Retirement also occurs when your baby wins a monthly title i.e. Miss August 2005, your baby does not have to have 1000 points.

| The Ratings |
(participating sites must follow set rating systems)

Regular Pageants
(one to 20 entries)
-- 25 points: bis
-- 20 points: first
-- 15 points: second
-- 10 points: third
-- 5 point: fourth/hm

Large Pageants
(over 20 entries on purpose)
-- 50 points
-- 40 points
-- 30 points
-- 20 points
-- 10 points

Round Pageants
(over 20 entries on purpose and with multiple rounds)

Round 1:
--50 points: bis
--40 points: first
--30 points: second
--20 points: third
--10 points: fourth/hm

Round 2, 3, etc:
--25 points: bis
--20 points: first
--15 points: second
--10 points: third
--5 points: fourth/hm

 Battle of the Babyz
-- 25 points

If you have a completely different pageant idea and aren't sure please contact us on Milk. :)