On 2nd April 2014, Milkshake became Babyz.org

The idea for Milkshake was born on 28th May 2007 between the Milkistrators; Kennedy & Jen.

It was decided that all current sites should be combined to create one large source for the BC. The website itself is run by The Milk Committee

The sites that formed Milkshake were:

Absolute - this site was born in October 2004 and founded by Jen & Hilary of the PC.

FLVR - this site was born on 5th December 2002 and founded by Jen. The site was regularly co-owned and a few to mention are Helen, Stevie, Kat & Lolly.

Heavenly Angels - this site was born 13th June 2002 and was founded and owned by Stevie.